Derrick Standifer

Founder of Life Is Like A Rubik’s Cube.

Derrick Standifer

“My vision is to teach one million people how to solve the twists and turns of life.” – Derrick Standifer

Dr. Derrick Standifer is one of the most energetic youth motivational speakers in the United
States. His speech Life is Like a Rubik’s Cube is inspiring, entertaining, and simply

His story of triumph, persistence, and overcoming tragedies has motivated more than 20,000 students, parents, and educators to solve the Twists and Turns of their Life.

Derrick has written a book entitled Life is Like A Rubik’s Cube that details how he went from a college dropout to earning his Ph.D. His book has been translated into a personal development curriculum for high schools, mentoring organizations, colleges, and universities.

Now he hosts workshops, seminars, and mastermind sessions to provide strategies that help people avoid the same mistakes that he has made and maximize their full potential.
Derrick lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with his two beautifully trouble-making babies, Ayana and
Derrick Jr. He recently graduated with his doctoral degree from Florida A&M University on
Friday, July 29, 2022!

Favorite Quote: Keep Your Commitment to Your Commitments!

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